Rasha K.
Rasha K.Australia

"When I graduated it was time for me to leave or a long vacation but I directly started to feel scared and homesick. I needed somebody to talk to about what I was feeling and coach me on how I should handle the feelings of failure when I wanted to give up and go home.
Tania helped me put another perspective on my fears and taught me to listen to the feelings and interpret them in my daily behavior. I really recommend Tania to anyone who is experiencing any obstacles in pursuing their dream!"

Tina L.
Tina L.Germany

"The coaching helped to bring clarity and structure to my life. With a lot of empathy, life experience and specialist knowledge Tania has brought me on a new path. It is never wrong to reflect on your life. With professional support, I gained new perspectives and new courage."

Karima K.
Karima K.Sweden

"Tania is a very insightful and supportive person who always gives great and inspiring advice."

Monica K.
Monica K.Sweden

"I have had the privilege of closely following Tania's work within The Linnaeus University's mentorship program, from the decision to follow her dream to starting up her company All Good Coach. The fact that Tania offers personal coaching in three different languages ​​says a lot about her ambition and desire to share. If you want your life to have a deeper meaning, more passion and vitality then Tania is definitely the right coach for you!. "

Hannele J.Sweden

"Tania has a tremendous positive energy and impact on others. She is very driven and delivers results. I highly recommend her!"

Carla P.

I found that talking to Tania made me learn more about myself. I think she has brilliant techniques to really get someone to understand what drives and motivates them.

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