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What Are Limiting Beliefs? (9 Everyday Life Examples)

Limiting beliefs are a common part of life and most people, including myself, have experienced them at some point or another. The good thing is that they do not have to stay with you forever!

A limiting belief is a personal perception that limits your ability and potential, blocking you from progressing and achieving your personal goals and visions in life. Among others, limiting beliefs can include self-doubt, fear of rejection, trust issues, and fear of failure.

I want to share a few limiting beliefs that I’ve experienced in my life in order for you to be able to better relate to some limiting beliefs that you may face in your own life.

People Will Judge Me

people will judge me

I used to not be myself because I was afraid of what people would say about me. I wanted to please everyone. In the process, I ended up losing myself and not living my life to its fullest potential.

The good thing is, this mental chain breaks away completely once you realize that everyone is different and that people will always judge you regardless of what you do or don’t do.

If and when that realization takes place, the fear of being judged will simply seize to exist.

I Will Get Rejected

The fear of getting rejected blocked me from asking for what I wanted or deserved. When I was looking for a job, I had a tough time since I thought that every organization would reject my applications.

Even after getting a job, I had a tough time trying to ask for better working conditions or a raise fearing I’d get a bitter rejection. I often settled for less.

What I didn’t realize was that rejection is an inevitable part of life. Instead of avoiding it, I had to learn to confront and handle it.

And you know what, I actually experienced way fewer rejections than I had feared. All I had to do was to go for what I wanted, with full confidence. People can sense that as well, you know.

I Can’t Trust People

I cant trust people

Years ago, I had chosen that I’d never trust anyone ever again because I had had several cases of betrayal from the people I trusted in the past.

After deciding to be self-centered, I realized that something important was missing; connecting with people and having genuine friendships.

We need others to live well in this world. We require to have deep and genuine connections with people in our lives.

A betrayal feels terrible, but it is also an inevitable part of life; these things just happen. But this doesn’t mean that you should not trust people in general.

Always be open-minded. Expect to have the best, most respectful, and most caring relationships and they will inevitably come to you.

I Am Afraid of Failure

The fear of failing is a limiting belief that prevented me from taking so many opportunities and trying new things. This limiting belief made me think that failure is something terrible that prevented me from achieving my goals and dreams.

Then I started to look at it from a different angle. It didn’t take me long to understand that failure does not spell inferiority. I realized everyone around me experienced failure in their everyday life, but they picked themselves up, shook it off, and moved on.

Let failure be your teacher instead of your enemy. Trust me, you can learn a lot from it and use it to develop yourself immensely.

I Can’t

“I can’t” is one of the most limiting and common beliefs people tell themselves.

I noticed that the more I said “I can’t” to anything, no matter how small it was, the more I believed that I actually couldn’t!

Moving forward, I could see that the belief was spreading from my subconscious mind and slowly taking over my physical consciousness. I was wrong all along because the things I said “I can’t” to were not even that difficult to achieve or handle most of the time. The words “I can’t” just came out of my mouth automatically.

There is always another choice! Instead of saying “I can’t”, try the approach of “I can try”. This will then turn into “I will try”, and eventually, you will start saying “I can” on automation instead.

I Am Not Good Enough to Achieve What I Want

I always thought I didn’t have what it takes to pursue my dreams. This fear constantly held me back from doing anything progressive and new in my life. I simply thought too little of my self.

I later learned that I had everything it takes to pursue my dreams and achieve them. I only had to equip myself with the right mindset and willpower.

You can do anything you set your mind to. Literally nothing is impossible to achieve! You have what it takes. Your potential is endless. All you have to do is start. Never ever think you are not good enough. You deserve better than that!

What I Think of Myself Doesn’t Matter

what I think of myself does not matter

I used to always think that how I see and think of myself didn’t have any impact on me.

The truth is, what others think of you doesn’t matter and should not affect you in any way. But what you think and feel about yourself is what shapes your very personality and existence.

How you see yourself makes up who you are. Treat and see yourself with respect, love, and care, just like you would any other person you feel deeply connected to.

I Don’t Have Happiness Inside of Me

I remember how I used to live a dull life, thinking that I can’t find happiness anywhere within myself. This belief blocked me from realizing that all the happiness I need in my life lies within me.

I was looking for happiness in the wrong place. True happiness can only be found within yourself.

It is once you see that fact as an absolute truth that your inner happiness will radiate outward and attract happiness from your environment as well!

But you have to know that this is the only way it works, not the other way around!

I Am Always Waiting for The Perfect Time

People often hesitate from taking action or pursuing their dreams, thinking that a perfect time to do it will eventually come around. I used to do that all the time and missed out on many amazing opportunities that did not come around again.

The bitter truth is that there is no such thing as the perfect time. If you want to do something, do it today using what you have. Do not hesitate and jump right into it!

Every time you have an amazing idea about something, act on that immediately, before any doubts can creep into your mind, questioning your decisions.

Lastly, I just want to remind you that the only thing limiting you is yourself. When you learn to face your fears and do what makes you uncomfortable, you will be surprised by how much potential you have been keeping from yourself.

What Are Your Limiting Beliefs

Over to you now! What are some of your most common limiting beliefs? How do you deal with them, if at all? What is holding you back from becoming the awesome person you always wanted to be?

Let’s talk about it!

Your Good Coach, Tania

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